Editorial Guidelines

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The HR Blog Sponsored Post Program are opportunities for industry partners to share their voice and perspectives with the employees  and HR professionals across the world. Following these guidelines will help us publish your content and deliver most value to both – readers and authors.

Our Content Vision

We would love your articles if they:

  1. Highlight HR challenges & opportunities for employees and offer fresh and innovative ideas, perspectives and approaches to address them
  2. Help further the HR professional’s career by sharing experiences, new ways to deal with situations
  3. Help employees transition to the digital economy
  4. Help, aid and motivate candidates who may be jobless or have recently faced redundancy

Content Objectivity & Transparency

The content that you are submitting must:

  1. Be original (previously unpublished and non-plagiarized) and exclusive to The HR Blog
  2. Be platform/vendor neutral to avoid editorial snips
  3. Be non-promotional and present an all-round view.
  4. Be fair and transparent and offer multiple perspectives instead of absolutes as far as possible.
  5. Specify all necessary attributions and credits when quoting others or using stats
  6. Be Gender neutral and free from any form of discrimination

Our article specifications

  1. Each article must be accompanied by the following information:
  2. Broad category of your article
  3. Intro: 30–40-word intro that describes the article focus and takeaway for the reader.
  4. Length: 500–700 words. For longer submissions, discuss with our editorial team in advance.
  5. Author details:
    • 50-word author bio
    • Website URL, Twitter and LinkedIn handles for author and company
    • Author’s recent headshot (300 x 300 pixels)
  6. Hyperlinks: no more than one external hyperlinks (to relevant vendor-neutral content/quotes, survey reports and research study) in a 700-word feature plus 1 hyperlink to the author’s LinkedIn profile
  7. Non-text article submissions: Infographics, slideshare or video-based content submissions must be accompanied with a minimum 500-word search optimized content piece and attributed to an author.

Our turnaround time on submissions:

  1. Once you make the payment, please submit the article, within one week of the confirmation from our side.
  2. Due to the high volumes of content we manage, If approved, we usually publish a piece within 2 weeks of submission
  3. Our selection rate for sponsored posts is less than 10%, 90 out of 100 submissions are not approved.
  4. Upon publication, you/your rep will receive an automated email with a link to the published article
  5. Hyperlinks: All hyperlinks are subject to Editorial approval and may be removed at our discretion if found unsuitable
  6. Content Edits: We reserve the right to make editorial changes for clarity, tone and style. We do edit out promotional content and brand references.
  7. Submission of content does not guarantee publication.

Content placement & ownership: 

  1. We reserves the right to place any contributed content in any section of the site that it deems fit or use the content or part thereof.
  2. All sponsored posts will remain on the site for 180 days from the date of publication, we do this to keep fresh content on the site.


  1. For ALL guest author submissions, press releases, queries, suggestions and feedback email Patrick at [email protected]
  2. To escalate any issue, please contact Editor at [email protected]