How To Be A Skilled Presenter

Presentations are the lifeline of any manager, being able to get your point across to the audience is an art that needs to be learned. A good presenter has sufficient stage presence that keeps the audience glued on to the presenter?s words. Part of being an able presenter is marketing your self as someone others should listen to. These are some of the pointers that can make you a very able presenter.

Falling To Prepare = Preparing To Fail

Being ignorant about the objective of the presentation is a recipe for disaster. It?s important that you figure out the five things that you want your audience to remember after the presentation. How and what are the techniques that you will use, to keep them with you during the presentation? And lastly, what is the most efficient way of utilizing your presentation minutes?

Preparing & Rehearsing Your Speech

A well-crafted speech is one that resonates with the audience needs .The best presenters convey their message in a single sentence and then break it down into three to four pointers. During your speech, avoid telling people what you know, instead propose different hypothesis and then validate it with data points, to reject or accept it. When you rehearse your speech, you will discover that the intonation and speed vary in writing and speaking.

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What Does Your Audience Want

It is difficult to have a speech that plays well across different segments of the audience. Many a times, you would need to tweak your tone, pace, style and even the message to suit the needs of your audience. It?s a good practice to map out what makes one set of audience different from the other one, what style resonates with each of them to get your message across swiftly.

What Are the Probable Questions?

You must be open and welcoming to all the questions from the audience, questions are great opportunity to get across your point of view. Think about the ten most likely questions from your audience rehearse your 10 ? 30 seconds responses to each one of them and make sure that you ask the questioner, if your response has cleared the air.

Delivery Pointers

Having a set of slides is a boon for the presenters, but be vary of the fact that they lock you into a structure. At all costs avoid reading from the slides, slides are there to validate and support your speech, it helps the audience connect with what you are speaking about. Keep moving around in the room, avoid sticking to one place especially near the podium.

Manage Your Time

It is rare to see a presenter run out of presentation ammo, everyone wants to pack in more than what they have in hand. Your audience will respect you a lot more if you respect their time by sticking to your allocated time. People won?t appreciate, if you are eating into others time slot, especially when you have other speakers lined up after you. Under plan your time, keep a buffer and stick to your schedule.

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  1. Hi Jappreet, thank you for your blog, I totally agree with all the points, being a HR professional myself I understand that there are multiple types of scenarios under which you have to present your topic and it is never easy to attain someone’s attention and for a HR executive it is the most toughest thing.

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