How to Build A Dream Team At Work

Dream Team At Work

A super achievers team is a highly cohesive, diverse and aligned group of performers each skilled in their own domains. These teams speed- up?the learning and growth of its members and?It?s fun being on it, as everyone achieves more.?So how do you go about building a super achiever team at work?

At the new- age workplace more and more work is happening in groups that requires a high degree of teamwork, Look at the sunrise sectors and you will realize that the teams have gone virtual and work across continents in different timezones. Use these ingredients to build a super achiever team.

Be On The Same Platform

A common vision keeps the flock together; take an example of an orchestra, every team member has a distinct role to play, some play longer notes some shorter. Imagine an orchestra event wherein each player played silo tunes at the same time, it will be utter chaos. To achieve a higher degree of alignment, it?s best to involve all the team members in framing the vision/ common mindset. Studies show that people work harder and are most effective when they have a sense of choice and ownership.

Establish Stretch Goals & Milestones ?

There is an old adage in management, what gets measured gets done, your team members would love to have yearly goals and checkpoints to chart their progress.?It may not be a bad idea to set stretch goals (within reasonable limits), more often than not, stretch goals pump up the adrenaline and team members discover hitherto hidden potential in them. ?One of the biggest benefits of setting stretch goals is that it keeps high performers in team glued on; as they like working on ?tougher bits?. Make sure the goal setting process is collaborative and has majority?s buy in and print a team charter thereafter, the charter is your teams bible.

Build A Culture of Innovation

Encourage short-cycle experiments and build a culture of celebrating big failures, rather than hiding them under the carpet. This will ensure that the team members don?t go into hibernation once they encounter failure. Let everybody learn from the failure so that it does not get repeated?,failures will make you intelligent.

Suspend Judgment

You don?t have to agree; you just have to understand and in order to do that just listen patiently and stop judging. ?I will quote one of my ex managers, she is a CEO of a large multinational ? ?Take off the colored glasses and let your team members openly express their opinion, don?t put words in their mouth.?

Work Hard & Party Harder

Research shows that Group Cohesiveness increases performance of the team, Even though some resist it – ?parties, awards, picnics and outings are one of the easier ways to build a well-connected team. ?Follow the motto of work hard and play harder. Team that party?s together, stays together for a longer time; make sure you follow the corporate guidelines on partying. However, just partying and not following other principals of making effective teams is a waste of time, effort and your company?s money.

Diversity wins hands down and each one is uniquely gifted

High performing teams are comprised of diverse and dissenting groups and they learn how to take advantage of each team member?s strengths and avoid unreasonably exposing others weaknesses. Successful teams specialize in covering for each other and appreciate the diverse skill sets different members bring to the fore. Resolving conflicts without booing other team member down is one of the most important ingredients of a dream team.

Teams are one of the best ways to accomplish integrated tasks, the key to successful team building lies in identifying roles, jobs, tasks, rewards and objectives with the team, not with individuals. The sum is greater than the parts, provided you get the parts right.


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  1. Nice article. I agree with the post. team work always take up the organization to top level. team building is not an easy task. extra efforts are taken to build strong team.

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