Positivity gives you the turbo power to zoom ahead and conversely, negativity is akin to deceleration that keeps you from soaring high in life. Life is a see- saw of emotions, which swings us from peaks of happiness to gallows of sadness and back. Intertwined with this is the feeling of positivity and negativity depending on where we are. Research has proven that working with a positive mind-set improves performance on all levels. So what is an easy way to transform negativity to positivity?

Find those moments of joy

At times life may be wrenching and testing your will power to the limits, everything may be off track and each passing day piles on more of it. Even in the darkest of the days, there would be moments of joy, however small and inconsequential it may seem. Pick any three tiny golden straws that made you smile; it could be as simple as meeting an old friend, someone thanking you or listening to your favorite oldie.

Write down these in a diary, with a pencil. I recommend using a pencil for two reasons, one you can erase it and change your narration and secondly it takes you back to being childlike, when you could enjoy even the smallest of gifts. Recording & celebrating these small joys has a proven effect on increasing motivation and rewires your brain towards positivity making you feel joyful.

Express gratitude, say thank you.

The moment you start writing down your small moments of joy, you have opened your third eye to notice all the good things others are doing. Expanding your consciousness allows you to notice these tiny messengers of joy, which hitherto would have gone unnoticed. Have courage and say thanks or laud someone for their efforts, from your colleagues to friends and family. Good karma comes back and in few days people around you will start reciprocating and saying thanks, if they felt touched by you. Imagine receiving compliments from near and dear ones daily, there is no way negativity will dare to brood even near your shadow.

Practice kindness

Sonja Lyubomirsky, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Riverside, has been studying happiness for more than 20 years now. She and others have concluded that positive activities boost positive emotions, thoughts and behavior. You don?t need to bequeath your wealth to be happy, acts as small as lending your colleague a helping hand, buying some one a cup of coffee or sharing your favorite meal can prop your positivity quotient. Put these small things on your to- do list and you will see yourself floating in happiness in darkest of situations.

Life will repeatedly present you with negative situations, how you react is your choice. Instead of wasting energy by reacting negatively, practice the art of morphing a negative situation into a positive one. There is no way, you should let the actions of others or circumstances plunge you into sea of negativity.

Jappreet Sethi