How to be your best at an offsite company trip?

Offsite company trips are often organized for business purposes. And while mixing in a bit of leisure is quite tempting, you should know where to draw the line. In fact, being your best on an offsite company trip is more about common sense than anything else. Here are a few tips to help tilt the scales in your favor:

Create an action plan

Knowing what’s planned will give you an idea of what would be acceptable/unacceptable on the trip. So it would be great to speak to a senior to get an idea what the itinerary would look like to help you pack and plan accordingly.

For example, If it’s a long flight, you may want to have your laptop handy and make the commute productive. Some other facts to consider are:

  • If sitting next to your colleague/boss, a brief discussion regarding work can be done
  • Will you be checking into a hotel or heading for an official meet directly? In the case of the former, you may want to keep a change of clothes, makeup, etc., handy
  • You can also grab a snooze or powernap. Sometimes that really helps clear the head

Pack smart for offsite company trip

Do take a brief or tentative schedule of the business trip so you can pack accordingly. Usually, a big suitcase is frowned upon. Consider a sleeker, compact one instead. Do carry an extra outfit in case there’s a dinner or drinks plan with colleagues. Remember that not all offsite trips are very formal. For example, a business trip to a beachside location may involve a poolside brunch — so appropriate swimwear and cover-up attire would be a part of your gear too. Keep in mind:

  • Don’t rely on hotels for providing amenities like toiletries, robes, etc.
  • Take your laptop/phone charger and power bank along with all official documents
  • Keep a smaller briefcase or folder to carry all official documents

At the hotel during company offsite trip

Often, colleagues have to share a hotel room. Maintaining etiquette and implementing basic hygienic is a must on such occasions.

  • Keep in mind simple things like folding/hanging your towels, not leaving clothes scattered on the bed, etc.
  • Do not talk over the phone or watch television till late at night. Carry a headset or earphones that can be connected to electronic devices if required
  • If you are a snorer, carry nasal strips or an anti-snore pillow

Even if you have adjoining rooms, carrying a robe is always advised. Besides this, do maintain basic etiquette at the hotel —

  • Don’t indulge in the over-priced mini-bar refreshments — even though your company’s paying for them!
  • Sleep and wake up on time — being groggy and sluggish during the meeting will hamper productivity
  • Avoid consuming alcohol during business hours — along with an overdose later too

Make the offsite company trip fun — but not too much

The very idea of an official offsite trip is business — but why not add some fun to it. You can research about local restaurants, tourist locations, etc. Clock-in your working hours and then have some fun when the job’s done. Of course, you should know where to draw the line. For example, a glass of wine is alright, but entering a drinking contest at the local pub is a definite NO!

Since you want to place your best foot forward, take into consideration the preferences of your colleagues and coworkers. So make sure that you-

  • Take everyone’s opinion when making plans
  • Dress appropriately throughout the trip — remember you are representing your company or firm
  • Take out some time to connect with family and keep them posted on your trip schedule/itinerary
  • While you do connect with colleagues at work, an offsite trip may be the right time to get to know them personally — where do their kids go to school or what their names are

With a positive mindset and apt behaviour, you will surely impress your co-workers!

Jappreet Sethi

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