How to Respond to HR Interview Question on Your Career ambition

How to Respond to HR Interview Question on Your Career ambition

Responding to HR interview questions on your career ambition can be very tricky, you don’t want to sound dull or overly ambitious, here are few tip on how to best answer the HR interview questions on career ambition during your job interview

Everyone has career ambition. They are individuals who know what he/she wants from a career and actively works on it. Those with career ambition reflect the desire to move from your current position and strive for something more. These are individuals who are keen to climb the professional ladder. It is an inherent desire to make things happen rather than waiting for them to happen.

Everyone strives or hopes for a promotion or dream of starting or reaching specific goals. They are people who research steps and attain them. They know how to set outcome and achieve their performance goals and is career knowledgeable. Along with making things happen for themselves, they also market self for opportunities and don’t wait for others to open doors.

Can you please explain your career goals

Every individual is different from the other, and hence they have their share of ambitions. The interviewer likes to know what your career goals are because they want the same to align with their organizational growth. The interviewers seek ambitious people who are open to learning new skills. You have to explain your goals so that while they show your zeal to learn and improve, it also reflects your ability to help others and provide the company with more growth opportunities.

While responding to this HR  interview questions on your career ambition, you can say that your long-term goals involve growing with a company where you can create mutual growth and continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities, etc. You should also add that you would like to contribute as much value as possible to the team. Do praise the company you are interviewing for and say you appreciate their professional development opportunities. Describe your ambitions with passion and confidence because there is no such thing as striving for more.

Describe a time you had to sell yourself in order to advance in an organization

Often, comes the point in your career where you have to go that extra mile and project your skills and ambitions to get benefits. You can tell the interviewer that you want to maximize your strengths, and hence, that’s what you said. Say that you only listed strengths that were relevant to the job. You should not be shy about your accomplishments. However, do ensure that you don’t brag.

While responding to this HR  interview questions on your career ambition, you should project your accomplishments in a humble way. The employers seek candidates who have ambitions that match well with the opportunities they can provide. So give the impression that you have ambitions and how you went about to achieve the same. Was it that directly projected your strengths or did so indirectly via presentations or through recommendations of peers.

Tell of a time you had to use your knowledge of the business in order to receive recognition.

The interviewer will ask you this question because, along with your career ambition, they want to see if you have what it takes to maximize the companies performance. To get recognition, one should make use of the knowledge they have. When answering this question, try to talk about a situation when you had to optimize your skills. For doing the same, you can take an example from your work experience.

While responding to this HR  interview questions on your career ambition, mention a time when you acted on your initiative. It should be remembered that you need to provide sufficient details in your answer to the interviewers. Doing so will help them to understand the scale of your achievement. Again, provide insights of your initiatives and then discuss what strategies you implemented to ensure the completion of the same.

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