HR Interview Questions and Answers on Being Political Savvy

HR Interview Questions and Answers on Being Political Savvy

Here are the HR interview questions and answers on being political savvy, it is a deep understanding of what other people need. Basically, it is born of empathy, and the art of listening and honest communication. We all know that there are colleagues or people in your organization who have influence beyond their title, or official duties. It is important that you understand that this influence can help you gain benefits too.

Being political savvy is the ability to maneuver through complex political situations effectively and quietly. They are individuals who are sensitive to how people and organizations function. One should also have the ability to anticipate where the land mines are and plan his/her approach accordingly.

Political savvy people are those who can view corporate politics as a necessary part of organizational life and work to adjust to that reality. They are usually maze-bright or people focused on gathering information from others.

Tell me about a time you had to use your understanding of the politics of the business/organization to push a program through, that you really believed in.

Through this HR interview question on being political savvy, the interviewer often asks this question to see whether or not you have an under-standing of the politics in your organization. Remember that politics needn’t al-ways be negative. When answering this HR interview question on being political savvy, tell the interviewer how you keep your eyes and ears open to be adept with the political scenario in your office.

It is important that you know people who can influence and have a good rapport with them so that the organizational goals can be met. One should have the ability to connect with the person who shuffles the cards. Cite an understanding of the scenarios in your office. It is possible that you were able to identify the people who manage the calendar and decide who gets priority with the boss.

You can say that you try to listen at the coffee maker and be aware of what’s happening around the workplace. Gossiping is not always a bad thing. It is something that we all do, to be aware for our survival and success in the workplace. Then, mention how you gathered tidbits of information so that it would lead you to the right person.

While answering this HR interview question on being political savvy, do state that you tried to get all the facts that were needed for your next career move. You can mention that, now that you had all the correct information, you tried to connect with the required people to suggest a new or innovative idea and platform. This helped you to get through the channel — and directly to the people who mattered. Even if you have read the rule book by heart, tell the interviewer that going by intuition is also important here.

Describe a time you had to maneuver around potential organizational landmines in order to bring a project to completion successfully.

Potential landmines in the organizational sector implies people who are influential and can make or break the game for you. Through this HR interview question on being political savvy, the interviewer would like to see and evaluate your presence of mind, along with the capacity to be tactful in the organization. They want individuals who can understand the “power map”. Answer this question by mentioning that there are power hierarchies in all companies. And this power is not permanent — it shifts from time to time.

Hence, if you want to ensure the succession of a project that is stuck or not moving forth, you need to know where the leverage lies. Mention an occasion where you faced a similar situation and thus, had to connect with people who can influence (formal or informal). Tell them that being politically savvy helped you to understand the leverage equation and recognize when it may be changing.

Did you try subtle self promotion? Mention that no one can appreciate you if they don’t know what you’re doing. So you tried your best to connect with people who can help you to change the same. State how you tried to share information with them without being obnoxious. Also, state that in spite of everything, the big decisions about your career are always made by the people above your boss. If you are confident and know who they are, you can maximize the potential to succeed and help your company in the same too. Describe how you used your political savviness to connect with the right people, and thus push a project to completion by getting extra manpower or budget.

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