Putting in your 100% at work and getting impressive results is what professionals are told to achieve to warrant promotions from time to time.? But sometimes despite going over and beyond and nailing that yearly performance, professionals can find their career not moving upwards at a complementary rate.

Rewards and recognition are important fuel to keep going at your job and the lack of it can dampen your spirit. All professionals reach a point in? their respective careers at some time or the other where they are left yearning for a change in a role especially in the upward direction. While some choose to do nothing about it, some decide to switch jobs, and a courageous few decide to ask for the promotion. Are you planning to take a course of action similar to the last group? The whole idea of asking of promotion can be intimidating and nerve-racking. The conversation can be uncomfortable and one that needs ample preparation

The Timing of It

Bringing up the promotion at the right time is crucial. As the employee, wait, until you have done considerable work to support your request for a promotion. Even if you have been in the organisation for a long time, make sure your performance has been exemplary for the company to consider the promotion.

Apart from your performance, it is also important to see how well the company did in the last couple of years and where it is currently. Asking for a promotion at a time when the company is not be doing so great may not be received well.

Do your Homework

When engaging in a conversation with your boss to talk about a possible promotion, make it about you and what you have achieved. Keep it simple and comprehensive, preparing advance can help you with that. Note down your achievements and supplement with figures how it has benefitted the company.

Be Mindful of What you Say

Bring up the topic of your promotion in a very positive manner when the time comes. A lot of professionals resort to threats of leaving the company or of being uncooperative when asking for a promotion, this will only make it look like you don?t value the company or the job. Also remember, when you are speaking with your boss, in no way should you compare your performance with your peers as the basis for getting a promotion.

Some other tips:

  • Study your performance well and see if it holds any criteria that can get you that raise.
  • Schedule a meeting well in advance to speak about your promotion.
  • If you have undergone any training or development programs, don?t forget to mention that.
  • If your request has been denied, take it in the right stride and avoid doing anything rash. Ask your boss for a roadmap that can help you grow to get the promotion.

No matter how well you know your boss or how great your performance has been in the last few years, weigh in what you have to say very well when you ask for a promotion and be professional when you do so.? Keep these tips in mind if you plan to ask for a promotion to make the conversation less daunting and highly favourable for your career.

?Jappreet Sethi


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