Suffering From Depression at Work, What to Do?

You Are Suffering From Depression, Should You Tell Your Company ?

If you are suffering from depression at work, rather than not-sharing, it’s critical that you tell your company know about the same.

According to Mental Health America, every year, over 40 million American adults experience a mental health condition. And one of the problems that people across the world suffer from is depression. There are many who still consider mental illnesses to be a taboo and don’t discuss it which is why a lot of people’s professional lives also get affected.

Get rid of the stigma

The first step here is to get rid of the stigma associated with depression. Like any other health issue you were suffering from, depression too is not something that you should be ashamed of sharing. Hiding it will not help. Don’t let this issue hinder your productivity levels.

Prepare to talk to the Concerned Authorities

The next step would be to talk to the HR or your boss about the problem. You should ensure that you are undergoing treatment with a psychiatrist or a psychologist for the same. Doing so would give the assurance that you are already on the path to helping yourself. Tell your boss that you have been diagnosed with depression and are undergoing the necessary treatment.

There would likely be a few questions — and not answering personal ones is in your discretion. You can tell them that it was a few personal issues or something at home if you don’t want to share details. Your boss could ask you if there’s anything they can do to help. In such cases, you can just assure them that though it won’t hamper your productivity levels you would appreciate a little patience on their part. They may suggest offering health plans or using your office insurance for filing claims, and you should do the needful if required.

If there’s a challenging project that you are working on or something that requires too much effort, you can ask for a break or a less hectic project for some time. This would give you ample time to get rest and also ease some mental pressure. A supportive environment at work is a boon to get through the same.

During the discussion process, it is likely that they may ask for medical records or even want you to check with the in-house therapist. It is a routine procedure, and it is probably a norm to do so. Don’t panic if such situations arise.

How to go about it?

The best way to approach your boss about this issue is by letting them know that you want to discuss a personal matter. Make sure that you find the right time to do so instead of interrupting in the middle of an important meeting or discussion. Discuss how you plan to keep your work going through the treatment process. If you are anxious about discussing this issue, ask your therapist to enact a role-play with you so that you feel more relaxed when the actual conversation happens.

Though it is your discretion whether or not you want to share this detail about your life. However, taking an honest approach is always suggested. There is a risk that your situation could worsen over time, or you would need some time out. If your employer is not aware that you are suffering from depression at work, there’s no way that they can help you out.

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