HR Interview Questions & Answers on Process Management

HR Interview Questions on Process Management

Process management is an essential competency for managerial role, and in a job interview be ready to answer questions on this facet.

The way your company manages and improves business processes is all a part of business management. As an employee, you too should align processes with an organization’s strategic goals. You should be good at figuring out the processes necessary to get things done and know how to organize people and activities. They should also have the ability to understand how to separate and combine tasks into an efficient workflow.

Ideally, the candidate should also know what to measure and how to measure it. When it comes to process management, one should also be able to see opportunities for synergy and integration where others can’t. Along with this, one must have the ability to simplify complex processes and get more out of fewer resources. Most importantly, you should be clear about what you are going to implement in the process and get the required structure right.

Describe a time you had a project to complete. Explain how you developed a process to bring it to completion.

Through this HR Interview question on process management, the job interviewer would also like to know about a time when you had to complete a project and what kind of processes you ensured to bring it to completion. Through this HR interview question, the interviewer wants to know if you have the ability to manage the project and what kind of procedures you would implement.

Explain the process by saying how you would promote consistent working with your ideas. You should explain that your design process or plan was aimed to help break down siloed working and also support continuous improvement. Add to it, that you would want to promote effective quality strategy through the same and provide quality accreditation’s without disruption to the business.

Discuss the hurdles you had faced during the initial implementation. There are core aspects of the project that would require sorting out in the initial stages. For example, the kind of software you would use or the transformation of raw materials into parts and then finally creating a final product or even the proper recording of all financial transactions. At the end of the day, these processes should help accomplish your business goals and contribute to the maintenance of the management system of the company. Also, mention that these required steps help to minimize costs and increase productivity in the process.

Describe a time you had to involve others in completing a major task.

Often, business process management requires the involvement of other teams or colleagues in the completion. If you are an expert in finance, the software team could help you to minimize the time spent on working out the budget. You can explain to the interviewer that the overall strategy of the organization requires the involvement of different teams to ensure that details are not overlooked.

Also while answering this HR Interview question on process management, lay emphasis on the fact that the business processes should be created, implemented and managed, keeping in mind strategic priorities, objectives and goals of the organization as a whole. You can say that to ensure that there is a direct and identifiable linkage or connection between these priorities, involvement of the different teams or members could be required.

Also while answering this HR Interview question on process management, lay emphasis on the point that both technology and information systems are pretty much useless without the human factor. Hence, often involving other teams or individuals that are exclusively dedicated to carrying out its BPM initiatives helps. It is necessary to implement this knowledge and skill in process management and thus, ensure that these are in alignment with the goals of the organization.

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