How to Forgive

How to Forgive

It’s hard to forgive. The hardest part is not knowing where to start. We know that we should forgive those who have hurt is. Not necessarily because they deserve to be forgiven but more for our benefit. Forgiveness leaves the past behind and allows us to move on once and for all. This post will show you where to begin on your path to forgiveness.

Accept responsibility for what happened

The first step in forgiveness is to accept responsibility for what happened. When you take the responsibility you are in control. As long as you keep blaming someone else for what happened they have control over you.

An exercise in forgiveness

When you are ready to take responsibility, and therefore take back control, commit these sentences to writing. Write this down as many times as it takes until it becomes truth, engraved upon your heart.

{Insert Name Here} is no longer hurting me. I am hurting myself but not letting this go. I now have the courage and the permission to heal and grow from this experience. I taste the freedom of forgiveness. I forgive and am forgiven.

Send your best wishes

There is just one thing left to do. Prove that you don?t mean any harm to the one that hurt you. Take the high road and send genuine best wishes their way. Again, write this down as many times as it takes:
I wish {Insert Name Here} only the best for the future. No ill thought will cross my mind because I have risen above the past and want the same for {Insert Name Here}. May life be full of love, peace and happiness for the both of us.
As you write these sentences down, they should free something inside you. Your mind should become clear and you should start to feel happier and lighter.
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