Your Manager Wants you to be more collaborative ? What to do?

Workplace Collaboration

Workplaces host professionals from diverse educational, cultural and experiential backgrounds. It is normal if there is a clash of opinions between employees. However, the management always wants everyone to ?have a collaborative attitude.?Everyone has to work as a single team and bring out a product that showcases the best of each individual?s expertise.

While we understand that it is highly necessary for employees & managers to arrive at the same page, in many cases, it just doesn?t seem possible. However, that?s how the modern workplaces operate. To be in a team, one must be able to appreciate and understand each other?s opinions however varied they may be.

What can you do to drive collaboration?

Working as a team to achieve goals

Working in a team brings in individual expertise?to accomplish assignments in the best possible way. Techniques like??brainstorming help in bringing diverse and?positive input to the proposed?approach, any clash in opinion can be used as a feedback. It is necessary to encourage the views of all team members?and work towards a team goal. Give a patient hearing to all the team members, don’t cut them out.

Addressing conflicts as a group with your manager/team leader

Differences in opinion can be reduced if the team is briefed about their individual roles and accompanying responsibilities. It is not necessary that all the team members appreciate the end goal, but that everyone contributes his/her best in what is laid as the working plan.

While it is the job of the senior manager to resolve any issues of conflict, it is best if no such issues occur and the disputes are settled internally. Even if the dispute concerns material defects or process changes, it is best to be handled without the help of the manager. It will not only save his/her precious time and the team can use this as an opportunity to receive appreciation.

Get new team members to speed early.

Similarly, if there is a new member stepping into the team, it is the responsibility of the immediate seniors to guide him/her and bring them on the same page as the rest of the team. When you show support and encouragement for your colleagues and peers, you can expect to get the same back.

Don?t be a miser in sharing credit for achievements

Sharing shouldn?t be just limited to problem solving, but also giving deserved credit to every member of the team. After all; it?s a collaborative effort that had made the client happy or made you win accolades.

Personal attention beyond the workplace

An office is a like a second home ? people work together, eat together, have common problems, celebrate common success. Your team members are like a family and it could be highly encouraging if you can connect with the group on a more personal level. Everyone wants to be taken care of and attended to. Personal attachment will even increase the trust in the workplace and promote a collaborative environment.

Collaboration in the workplace is not only desirable but is highly necessary to propel the company growth. It is the role of the manager to put together the best people and the best resources to deliver super sharp service, however the team member?s attitude to drive collaboration acts as a catalyst. If you cannot work in a team, a modern workplace just isn?t your cup of tea.

Jappreet Sethi

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  1. Collaboration between the manager and employs is must. I agree with the writer?s blog & am very fascinated with the highlighted points. To work functionally as a team ,managerial skills are a must.

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