How a Vacation Can Benefit Your Career

How a Vacation Can Benefit Your Career

Do you feel lethargic getting up in the morning and heading to work? Does it seem that your paid leave is always accumulated and reimbursed in cash? If you are saying yes to even one of the above questions, you need a break! A vacation might just be what your mind and body need right now!

Research shows that a majority of professionals don?t use their full allotment of vacation days. And here?s the damage it causes-

  • A total burnout is just going to slow down your thought process
  • Fatigue not only affects the mind but also poses a physical risk
  • What follows next is probably depression, anxiety and phobias ? and a lot more

Emails on the phone, laptops, and wi-fi everywhere work sometimes seems to seep into your personal time. And this is why one needs a vacation at least once a year for taking a short break from the rut of your professional life. A few days (at least a week) should be taken off work. And no it won?t hamper your career or ruin your chances of climbing the corporate ladder. On the contrary, here?s how taking a break will help you-

Benefit to your health

On vacation, you get a lot more perks than just seeing a new place. Since you are more relaxed (thanks to no smart gadgets around) you will be able to sleep better, get rid of stress/ signs of depression and also indulge in activities that you enjoy. It could be a sport or simply pursuing a hobby. All of these help to ease the mind and normalize body functions like blood pressure, heart function, etc. It energizes your body and rejuvenates the mind ? like a refuel!

Change of Pace

A change of environment, weather, food or simply being away from your workplace for a while is a good thing. Sometimes, change helps to clear the mind. You will be amazed at the feeling of greater well-being that follows with this change.

Improved relationships

Try to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones with a vacation. It can be a get-together with friends whom you barely see otherwise, because of hectic work hours. Connect with your kids, go for romantic walks and most importantly enjoy this break to get some much needed me time.

Plan it yourself

It is so important that you also take the initiative to plan the vacation yourself. The excitement and thrill of planning a vacation indicate that you are ready for time-off. Even if it takes two arms to pull you away from your desk ? do get actively involved in the planning. The benefits of vacation start right when you start planning for one. Planning it yourself also gives you the flexibility to work out your work priorities, check your schedule and make sure things are done in advance to make the most of your coveted vacation.

Going on vacation provides many other benefits apart from the opportunity to explore new places, cultures, cuisines, etc. According to research, people who don’t take time off tend to be less productive, more anxious and could fall ill more. Take the time out and try to fit in vacations to strike the right balance of fun and work! So what are you waiting for, plan that much-needed vacation today.

Jappreet Sethi

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