Benefits of starting your work early at 8 AM

starting work early

The idea is that if you start work early you can focus more and make the most of these wee morning hours. There are some people who like to take things slow — they are not really into the fast-paced corporate culture or choose to enjoy things. And you know how they manage this time, by starting work early. Here are some reasons to shift to early morning hours:

Focus, focus and focus

Ah nothing like getting up early in the morning and starting off the day with your favourite coffee and tea. A strong hit of caffeine to get you started. Next, by starting work early, you are all set to focus. The good thing about early morning hours is that you are able to focus more on the work. There are fewer people around, there’s less of chaos and disturbance and most importantly — you have enough time in hand to make sure that you get things right. You can get your research done in time and the next step can be prepared.

Easier management

By starting work early, you log in early, you will know that you have to allocate the designated tasks and what’’s expected of you. So this gives you plenty of time to plan your day. You can work out a schedule and what tasks should be allocated. You can either get to work early or start off on your at home too — depending on what your workplace permits. Once you are done with the allocation the most important tasks for the day are sorted and a major chunk of the work is done.

Higher efficiency levels

By starting work early in the day, your energy levels are higher too. You can manage more on your plate. People are fresh in the morning having rested the previous day. So it is more likely that they would be able to put in more effort. Also, with less of distractions around the efficiency levels automatically increases.

You get to wrap up early

Depending on what the working scenario of your office is, you can sort out your day in advance. If your workplace requires you to work 8-9 hours a day, then you can easily manage wrap by 5 pm. This will also give you the chance to strike a healthy balance of life and work. Keep in mind that it is important too. There are people who prefer staying back light night but if you are one of those who feels sluggish or tired at the end of the day — and feel you work best in the morning, then it is suggested that you try the morning slot.

By starting work early, you have other perks too. Especially for people who have to deal with associates and colleagues in different time zones, this is a convenient slot. It just gives the right window of time to catch up with your colleagues or associates in U.S, UK, Australia, etc. Hence, there is no need to stay up late so that you can connect with them in their morning hours.

Everyone is different. And it is possible that this time slot probably works the best for you. However, this might not be the same for others. Try starting work early by 8m, it is not so early that you are tired by 4 pm and not so late that you miss out on reaping the benefits of the same.

Jappreet Sethi

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