Mid-life Crisis at Work

Mid-life Crisis at Work: High-Achieving Professionals at Risk

In the professional arena, a hidden and complex phenomenon impacts senior-level professionals more profoundly than often recognized: the mid-life crisis. Contrary to popular belief and simplistic stereotypes, this crisis represents a serious and multifaceted issue in affluent societies. The comprehensive report by Osea Giuntella and colleagues from the National Bureau of Economic Research (Working Paper…

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Pirates vs. Naval Officers Identifying Your Professional Style

Pirates vs. Naval Officers: Identifying Your Professional Style

Envision the professional world as an expansive ocean, a realm where diverse professional styles chart distinct courses through career journeys. On this broad spectrum, at one extreme, you’ll find the bold and unconventional ‘pirates’, masters of innovation and disruption. At the opposite end stand the disciplined and methodical ‘naval officers’, known for their adherence to…

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