Pirates vs. Naval Officers Identifying Your Professional Style

Pirates vs. Naval Officers: Identifying Your Professional Style

Envision the professional world as an expansive ocean, a realm where diverse professional styles chart distinct courses through career journeys. On this broad spectrum, at one extreme, you’ll find the bold and unconventional ‘pirates’, masters of innovation and disruption. At the opposite end stand the disciplined and methodical ‘naval officers’, known for their adherence to…

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Mindfulness The Secret Ingredient to Skyrocketing Your Career

Mindfulness: The Secret Ingredient to Skyrocketing Your Career

Mindfulness instills a profound sense of inner empowerment, bolstering self-confidence and goal-directed behavior. By mastering attention control and reducing emotional reactivity, you feel more adept at managing emotions and harnessing cognitive resources for self-regulation.

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In 2016 These Four Sectors Will Need One Million New Hires

As the Indian economy moves northwards, the job market looks very bright. In a survey conducted by Michael Page, an international executive search firm, 76 % of the employers said that they plan to increase their headcount in 2016. Now it is up to you to ride this wave by getting a handsome pay raise and promotion with your current employer or by jumping ship to a place where you are valued rightly for your contribution, remember to tell the company if they give peanuts, they will get monkeys only. Don?t settle for less, jostle for more for you deserve a better lifestyle, avoid getting swarmed and fooled by the company loyalty and emotional drama.

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Using Senior Level Sponsorship To Propel Your Goals.

During the review, a managerial candidate is introduced by his/ her reporting manager and other senior members of the management team are invited to share their views on the candidate?s competencies and leadership potential. These discussions can exert a major influence on the manager?s future career progression. It?s at this point that having support and sponsorship of your senior management team can have a crucial and positive effect on your career trajectory.

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