Tips To Build Your Resume

Do you feel that your present job is going nowhere? Do you yearn to spread your wings and soar higher in your career? The way to do it is to build your resume and make it more attractive to present or future employers.

The emphasis should be on gaining new experience. You can do this by concentrating on either value-adding skills that increase your profile and market value or gaining experience and qualifications in an area that you are interested in and feel you can excel in.

Many employees now use their spare time to try their hand at something apart from their daily job. As mentioned above, it may well be something that they have always longed to do under different circumstances. The experience and certification that they gain by branching out like this boosts their resume considerably.

Employers value in a wide range of professional experience in their employees. Experience certificates speak very loudly ? the more the better. However, most of us aren?t lucky enough to get wide market exposure in out fulltime jobs. Often, it?s just doing the same thing over and over again till one makes a change.

The Temporary Job Option

If you want to build your resume, you could try your hand some temporary jobs. ?Temping? opens you up to many different work cultures and gives you a fresh perspective of the job market. Get rid of the misguided notion that ?temping? is for slackers and lazy unemployables. For you, it can be the road to an enhanced career. It can provide you with a decisive edge as far as experience, exposure and knowledge of the marked are concerned.

If you do decide to build your resume in this manner, you obviously need to find something appropriate. You might benefit from using your own contacts. Don?t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth. You can start your search for resume-building temporary work by networking with previous colleagues, family members and friends. Chances are fairly good that something suitable will turn up, either through them or their own contacts.

If you have no contacts of your own, surf the many job sites available on the internet till you find what suits you best. Additionally, scan the paper?s classifieds regularly.

Home-based Work

You can do resume-boosting work from home, too. What you will need are enough spare time after your job and appropriate computer skills. These are:

  • Reasonable proficiency with Microsoft Word
  • Reasonable typing skills
  • More-than-average internet skills
  • Reasonable diction (vocabulary)

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This is the age of the Internet, and the possibilities for building your resume on your own time are virtually limitless. While computer-based jobs are not the only kind available, they certainly pay the best. Other possibilities like writing short stories or data entry may also pay, but they certainly do not help to build your resume.

Doing Social/Charity Work

Today?s managements respect evidence of social awareness and concern in their employees. In other words, if you have a good opportunity to work for a charitable organization, do it. It will look great on your resume. You will greatly increase your resume?s value by adding experience and contribution certificates of this kind. Make sure that you enumerate the details of all work you have done for such organizations, and include feedback and commendation letters if possible.

Championing Your Own Cause

The idea of building your resume is to make sure that you get mileage out of it. For this, you will have to bring your value-added resume to the attention of the management. You have every right to ask for a periodic evaluation with your superiors. These would be the occasions when you highlight your new experience and ask for possible upgrades in your job profile.

If you feel that your present company cannot offer you what you are looking for, go ahead and scan the market. Put your enhanced resume on the Internet and ask around for new opportunities. This does not mean that you should give any indication of this to your present employer. But some jobs are genuinely the dead-end kind, and there is really not much point in building your resume if you do not get the desired rewards from yours.

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