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HR as a Career: How did I end up in a job in HR...

How did I end up in a job in HR? Did you ever meet people who told you that already at age ten they wanted to become an HR manager? I was...
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My 30 years in HR: 10 lessons learned

On July 1, 2012, I worked 30 years in HR. What did I learn?   Most people have no clue what??people in HR actually do The photo?by the side of?this blog is made...

Ten Things Your HR Head Should Be Doing Now

If you ask a CEO ?What does your HR leader do?? he or she is likely to say: ?You got me. I just know I need to have one.? We expect...

How Becoming a Leader Can Help You Get a Promotion

Many companies today are looking for leaders, not just managers, to take on greater roles within the organization. As a result, competition for higher-level positions can be fierce. Leaders have the...
Avoiding Job Application Mistakes A Detailed Guide

Job Application Mistakes: How To Avoid Them

Avoiding these job application mistakes is crucial. Each error presents a barrier to effectively communicating your value to potential employers. By addressing these issues, you're not just avoiding pitfalls; you're actively enhancing your chances of success.
Achieving Full Potential Unlocking Your True Capabilities

Achieving Full Potential: Unlocking Your True Capabilities

Achieving full potential is not a destination but a continuous journey of self-discovery and growth. It requires resilience, courage, and an unwavering belief in one's abilities.
How to Navigate Jobs in Recession Essential Strategies for Success

How to Navigate Jobs in Recession: Essential Strategies for Success

"Adaptability and persistence are your greatest assets in navigating the job market during a recession." By moving beyond traditional job search methods, connecting directly with decision-makers, refining your professional materials, following up strategically, and networking effectively, you position yourself as a strong candidate even in challenging economic times.

How To Achieve Career Mastery

You have worked hard at mastering yourself ? your habits, your outlook on life, your relationships and your finances. Now is the time to master the course of your career, as...

How To Do A Good Performance Review

The ingredients of a bad performance review are haste, lack of focus, a non-empathic attitude and a mechanical approach to the process. A good performance review obviously calls for a diametrically...

How To Manage Stress And Regain Well-being

Without doubt, wellbeing is the ultimate objective of human existence. Paradoxically, we often wind up surrendering well-being in order to earn money, and then spend a major part of the earnings...

Human Resources Jobs: Skills And Qualities

Human Resource professionals are important personnel in an organization. This is because they contribute to the viability and the success of the business through the strategic organization of human capital. While...